About Us

CraftingByLove.com provides custom made and handcrafted goods to our wonderful customers. Because we have the most awesome customers on the planet… all of our items are created with attention to detail and quality in mind. We aren’t satisfied until you are! We simply love hearing feedback from our customers and spreading smiles worldwide!
We here at CraftingByLove.com got our start with family and friends. The things we crafted and made were so unique and varied that everyone wanted them and kept telling us we should sell the items we make. We started out slow but as word of mouth spread about how diverse we were and how it seemed we could make or create anything anyone asked for… CraftingByLove.com was born! Now, no matter what the occasion or item you are wanting… you can now get it custom made and handcrafted personally and professionally!
We make everything! The creativity doesn’t stop with just sewing or scrap-booking. So far, we have never been given a request or order we couldn’t fill! From tutu’s to cards, poems to fairy-tales, custom made purses and totes, jewelry to glass etching… candles, ornaments, baby showers and weddings… the lists go on!
We have a simple yet modest motto:
  • Keep God First
  • Make products our customers can be proud of
  • Spread smiles and happiness
  • Stay Creative
Challenge us to create the perfect custom-made hand-crafted special things you are searching for! We love a good challenge and we aim to please!